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Sterling Silver Small Photo Engraved Pendant

Sterling Silver Small Photo Engraved Pendant

- Sterling Silver

- Small Heart (22mmx20mm + 10mm loop)

- Small Oval (17mmx22mm +10mm loop)

- Small Round (22mmx22mm + 10mm loop)

- Digital Finish - (fully engraved with hologram effect)

- Colour Finish-  (Enamelled finished in full colour)

- Ultra Finish -(Enammelled finish in black and white)

- Chain - 20" Diamond Cut Belcher £30 additionally

- Multiple Images £15 additionally

- Message on reverse £20 additionally

***Please provide high quality photos to obtain the best result.

  • Attach Photos

    Please email your photos as attachments to

  • Care Instructions

    1. Avoid contact with sharp objects.

    2. Keep free from harmful acids, cosmetics, hiairsprays and perfume.

    3. On a daily basis wipe your pendant with a soft cloth after wearing to remove any harmful substances.

    4. Prolonged exposure to UV, for example sunbathing for long periods, may cause colour pigments to fade.

    5. Avoid contact with direct heat source, such as flame or solders.

    6. Avoid wearing whilst bathing and showering.

    7. Please remove before bedtime.

    8. Avoid wearing with other chains and pendants.

    Following these instructions will prolong the life of your photo pendant.


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