Medium Oval Pendant

Medium Oval Pendant

Turn your most cherished photographs into bespoke pendants <3

Choose from our three unique finishes and have your perfect pendant made in the metal of your choosing.

  • Colour Enamielite - Our unique system reproduces photgraphic quality colours onto the metal of your choice.
  • Ultra Enamelite -  The ultra finish replicates your photo into " grayscale " leaving a classy black & white image.
  • Digital Engraing - Our unique high quality engraving technique, creates a holographic effect visible when the pendant is in motion.

    Measurements for pictured item : Code : A 22x29mm

    Occasionally colour photos are not clear enough to be reproduced . 

When this applies customers will be contacted and advised . 
Simply Email photos and any questions you may have . 

Your pendant can also be modified in many different ways, we offer the option of having multiple people from seperate photographs expertly edited and moved together allowing them to be in the order of your choosing.

The option of both sides of the pendant having an image is also available, in this instance the image on the reverse would be digital with the image on the front open to all finishes.

An engraved message is also available on the reverse which adds a lovely personal touch to any pendant.

The prices for these adjustments are listed below, and will be added to the items total prior to checkout.

 £15 per move closer , whether on same or different photo . 
£20 to have a image on the reverse . 
£20 to have a message engraved on pendant . 

    Metal Selection
    Multiple Images
    Message On Reverse

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